DokuWiki: A simple, efficient and complete wiki

March 2017

Wikis are useful tools for rapid implementation of information pages and collaborative work.

DokuWiki is a compact, complete and very fast to implement wiki. It requires no database.


DokuWiki can be downloaded from the official site: ( dokuwiki-2010-11-07.tgz)
Unzip the archive and upload the files on your website (7-Zip can be used to unpack .tgz files). In this example, we shall place our wiki in the /wiki subdirectory of the website.
  • If your host supports .htaccess files, rename the .htaccess.dist files to .htaccess
  • Via a browser, go to page http://yoursite/wiki/install.php
  • At the top right of the page, you have the option to change the language.

  • Then fill in the title for wiki, the necessary information for the administrator of the wiki (login, password, name ...)
  • From there define the access policy for your wiki:

  • -Open Wiki: Everyone can read and write articles.
  • -Public Wiki: Everyone can read, only registered users can write.
  • -Closed Wiki: Only registered users can read and write articles.
  • Ifyou wish, you can specify the license under which the contents are to be published.

  • Then click the Save button.
  • Installation is complete!
  • Delete the install.php
  • You can now access the home page of your wiki: http://yoursite/wiki/

Creating the first page

Here's the homepage (empty):
  • Click "Create this page". You can then edit the page content.

  • DokuWiki has a simple syntax (** bold ** // italic //) but you can use the buttons included on the page instead of directly using the syntax.
  • Click "Preview" or directly or 'Save' once you have completed the page.
  • Here is our first page:

Create a link

  • We'll add a new page and a link to the latter.
  • Edit again your home page, and add the third line:

  • Click on "Save": The page has been changed, and the link appears in red. This means that it points to a page that does not exist yet.
  • Click on this link: You arrive on the new page that you just created with the button "Create this page ".

  • Add the following:

  • And click on "Save." The page is created!
  • In the homepage, the link is now in green:
  • Well then! here's how to create (and without great effort) two pages, with a link between them.
  • This make up the basic operations of DokuWiki. But you can explore the rest of DokuWiki (other syntaxes, Classification Folder / namespaces, sending images, rights management, Undo Changes, user management, plugins, etc..). The possibilities are numerous.

Original FAQ by Sebsauvage on CCM!


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