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Basic Excel Formulas

November 2015

Excel is one of the most commonly used applications from the Microsoft Office package. Excel gives users the flexibility to play around with data and do very basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. One has the flexibility to choose either shortcuts or use custom formulas to do the same. The formulas give the user the option to combine multiple arithmetic operations and derive the results in one go. The use of formulas not only makes the process more efficient but also more intuitive for users who are mathematically inclined.

Basic Excel Formulas

This document lists out some of the basic formulae used in Microsoft Excel.
The use of an Excel sheet can be made very simple and efficient if some formulae are incorporated into it. Basic mathematical functions such as addition or finding the maximum and minimum values listed can be used in an Excel sheet. This article shows how these formulae can be implemented while using the Excel sheet.

Below are some basic formulae for Microsoft Excel:
Basic formula :
ADDITION cell A1 to A10 = sum (A1: A10)
  • AVERAGE cell A1 to A10 = average (A1: A10)
  • MAXIMUM cell A1 to A10 = max (A1: A10)
  • MINIMUM cell A1 to A10 = min (A1: A10)

On an Excel sheet, there are many formulas under the cells all over the sheet. You can however select them from a column by doing this:
sum = (A1, A3; C4)

IF Function:

The IF function is very easy to use and can be extremely useful:

= IF (condition; value "if true"; value "otherwise") 


IF(A1 <= 0; "ordering", "stock")
This would mean: If the contents of cell A1 is less than or equal to zero, then it displays "to order", otherwise (if the contents of cell A1 is greater than zero) it will display "at stock".

Freeze a cell:

Once the cell is written, press F4 to see the details of the cell and dollars.
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