Touchpad button not working

December 2016

Nowadays, many of us own a mobile phone and/or a computer with a touchpad. Since the touchpad is the most sensitive part of the electronic device, it may come as no surprise that this function stops workign quite easily. To find out the actual problem, a proper diagnosis of the computer must be carried out. People can also use the functional key in place of the touchpad until the problem is solved. To get a full analysis and diagnosis, an expert would need to take a look at the device.


I can no longer left-click using the touchpad button on my laptop. The actual touchpad works fine, and so does the right click button. I use the touchpad button quite frequently, so this has become very frustrating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have tried shutting my computer down and removing the battery and I have also tried removing the power cord but neither worked. I have an Asus notebook, Vista 64-bit.


  • Slightly lift the button at the ends using a pin or anything else and blow compressed air inside it and also at its sides.

Solved by jack4rall

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