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Keyboard Shortcuts for Safari

November 2015

Tabbed browsing makes it easy browse multiple web pages and manage content from different information sources (mail services, social network updates, instant messaging, live news...) within a single browser window. Besides the regular keyboard shortcuts, the Safari web browser also features some extra ones dedicated to tab management.

This tip will help you to get your hands on these keys combos and use Safari like a pro.

How To Optimize Safari for Tab Management

Open Safari, and click on the Safari menu. Then go to Preferences > Tabs, and tick the checkboxes next to Command-click opens link in a new tab, and Use Command-1 through Command-9 to switch tabs.

Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

Press Command + a number key (1 to 9) to open its corresponding tab.

Hold down the Command key and then click on a link to open it in a new tab. If you want Safari to automatically switch to new tab instead (set as active tab) then press Command + Shift, and click on the link.

Hold down the Options key and then click on a link to open it in a new window. If you want Safari to make the new window the active window, use Options + Shift + click shortcut.

Press Control + Tab to move to the next tab and Control + Shift + Tab to return to the previous tab.

Press Command + Home to return to your homepage.

Press the Command key and click on a folder in the Favorite bar to open all the bookmarks contained within the selected folder.

Hold down the Options key and click on the x button to close all but the selected tab.

Pin Your Important Tabs

Mac OS X El Capitan also allows you to pin tabs to Safari's tab bar, which is convenient when you want to have frequently used web pages permanently displayed. Learn more in our article How To Pin Browser Tabs in Safari.
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