G5 U800 - Error-734 ppp connection protocol

August 2016

The error 734 comes up when using Point-to-Point Protocol. It is commonly linked with the workstation connection with an extensive region internet provider or network connection. The Error-734 generally occurs when there is an error in the Username or Password required for verifying the initiation of the connection. If you are encountering this Error-734 ppp connection protocol when connecting your G5 U800 mobile to the computer system, you need to resolve ppp link error when connecting to mobile internet. You need to do some modifications in the settings. Go to modems options in Phone and Modem, change the general settings in the gprs properties. Enter the initialisation command for the operator you are using.


Hello, I am hoping you can help: I have a problem when connecting my G5 U800 phone to my computer as the following message comes up:

 Error-734 ppp connection protocol


Resolution to a PPP Link error when connecting to mobile Internet:
  • Start > Control panel
  • Phone and modem option > modems
  • Select mtk gprs modem > properties
  • General > change settings
  • Advanced tab > extra initialization commmands
  • When using "Docomo"
  • at+cgdcont=1,"ip","tata.docomo.internet","",0,0
  • When using "Airtel"
  • at+cgdcont=1,"ip","airtelgprs.com"<cr>

Thanks to Nitin Bang for this tip.

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