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Galaxy Tab - turn on airplane or offline mode

May 2016

When travelling in an airplane, it is mandatory to switch off wireless devices such as mobile phones for safety reasons. The radio transmission emitted from a mobile phone's antennae can interfere with the hardware instruments in the airplane. Many mobiles phones have the option to turn on the offline mode where the wireless connections are disabled. The offline mode, also called the flight mode, is supported by the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The offline or airplane mode on the Galaxy Tab can be activated or deactivated from the Wireless and Network settings. Once the Galaxy Tab is set in airplane mode successfully, a small plane icon appears in the notification panel of the device.

[Galaxy Tab] - turn on airplane or offline mode

The airplane or offline mode disables the wireless connections of your Galaxy Tab, meaning that you cannot make or receive calls or connect to the internet when this mode is activated. To activate it:
  • On the home screen, press the "Menu> Settings> Wireless & Networking> Offline profile"
  • The check mark will turn green and a small plane icon will appear in the notification panel
  • To turn off the offline mode, repeat the above steps and remove the check mark: it should change the color to gray.

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