iPad-iPhone; How to quickly move or add applications to a folder

December 2016

iPad-iPhone; How to quickly move or add applications to a folder

If you have an iPad or iPhone, you know that to move an application on another screen or add it to a folder that is fast enough. You should gently press the icon until it starts to move. It'll just move it.

This technique works well unless you have tens or hundreds of applications. The handling of applications and files becomes tedious quickly. Obviously, you can reorder your applications from iTunes.

However, if you wish to make changes from your iPad or iPhone, there is a simple trick. It is to use your files. Two instances where this trick can be helpful: when you want to move applications from one screen to another and when you want to add more applications on the same theme in a folder.

Here's how:
  • Create a theme folder (games, productivity) or a folder of transport. Regarding the transportation issue, use any application.
  • Free space on your Dock iPad.
  • Move the theme folder or transport in the Dock.
  • Folders on the Dock appear on all screens
  • Go to the screens where your applications and move them in your theme folder or transportation.
  • If you use file transportation to move your applications, it remains for you to reach the screen where you wish to file your applications.
  • Regarding the theme folder. Once all the applications built into your folder, drag it onto the screen of your choice.

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