Windows Vista:SSD

December 2016

Windows Vista and SSD

The process of installing an OS on a SSD is not different the one done on a classic hard drive, but once the OS installed ,the configuration of the parameters are quite different

Vista does not support natively support the "TRIM" command, which allows the optimization of memory chips of an SSD, we must take some basic precautions to prevent accelerated aging performance of your SSD.
  • Disable indexing of all partitions of a SSD
  • Disable Automatic Defragmentation
  • Disable standby extended

Values in the "Power Management", ban the standby SSD

Depending on the SSD controller, it is possible that the manufacturer offers optimization tools for OS other than W7.

These tools can generally force the use of the TRIM command on different OS.
This is the case of SSD with Intel or Indilix controller example.

In any case, do not forget to visit the manufacturer website to check the availability of tools for specific optimizations.

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