Create a new OpenOffice document

October 2017

Create a new OpenOffice document

Create a new document, OpenOffice, OpenOffice Writer, Calc, Impress, etc. ... quick overview.

On the taskbar next to clock click on the icon Open Offfice with the right mouse button
Then click "Text" (in our example), to start a new text document.
Note: You can go to "Start" then "All Programs", then OpenOffice ....

The following window appears:
A new document titled "Without name1" is on the screen.

It'll just fill out the documents and then save and / or print it....
For a new workbook, a new presentation or database does the same.
Note: If the icon on the taskbar does not appear, go for a ride on the properties of the taskbar (right click on taskbar) and click Properties then Customize ... and behavior Quick Start Open Office click always display.
If you have disabled the quick start with the launch of Windows to take a turn in C: \ Program Files \ 2.0 \ program quickstart.exe then click the icon in the taskbar reappear, right-click and then click to load on Windows startup.
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