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FlashGot is an extension that allows you to transfer the management of Firefox downloads directly to your download manager favorites. FlashGotcan launch a single download, a selection of files or download all the files on a Web page. Indeed, the extension provides filtering modes that allow you to select items to download. The main functions of the extension are accessible directly from the menu contectuel Firefox (right click) or from a customizable toolbar.

FlashGot is compatible with most download managers. The fact of transferring the management of external software downloads you will enjoy the advanced features offered by them. One can cite multiple downloads, scheduled downloads, segmented downloads for a better use of bandwidth or limiting the download speed to avoid saturating the bandwidth.

In this article we will install the extension FlashGot with the aim of controlling software Free Download Manager directly from the browser Firefox . For a list of download managers compatible with FlashGot, visit this page: http://www.flashgot.net/features # dms

Notes : The version of Free Download Manager used in the preparation of this paper is 2.1 dated 10 August 2006. FlashGot also works with the browserMozilla, SeaMonkey, as well as the email client Thunderbird.

Download and install the extension FlashGot :

Prerequisites : This article assumes you have already installed and configured your software download. FlashGot has the ability to automatically recognize any download management software is installed on your computer. Installation and setup FlashGot are therefore quite simple.
  • Installation : In the menu bar of Firefox, click Tools and then open the sub-menu extensions.
  • Click Get More Extensions.
  • Once on the official website of Firefox extensions, locate the extension FlashGot or go directly to this page: https: / / addons.mozilla.org/firefox/220 /

Click Install Now (Install Now).
  • Once on the official website of Firefox extensions, locate the extension FlashGot or go directly to this page: https: / / addons.mozilla.org/firefox/220 /

Click Install Now (Install Now).
  • Button Install now appears after a few seconds. This helps prevent any unwanted downloads. Once available, click Install Now.
  • The extension is now installed. It is necessary to restart Firefox for the extension is used.

Setting FlashGot :

As we have seen in the above paragraph, FlashGot can automatically detect the download manager you use and therefore simplify the setup of the extension. The extension is functional after installation. You can still change a few settings to best suit your needs. Here are details on the options proposed in the options menu FlashGot.
  • In the menu bar, click Tools and then click FlashGot . Click More Options .

The options menu is divided into several tabs:
  • General
  • Menu
  • Downloads
  • Privacy
  • Advanced
  • General tab :

Download Manager : This menu lets you specify what software you use to manage your downloads. Click Add to add software that would not be in the list. Normally, your download manager was automatically detected during installation of the extension.
Add images of the current page : Add to the list of links and downloadable files and images on a web page.
Alt + Click = FlashGot : If this option is enabled, the key combination Alt + left click will cause the sending of the link directly into FlashGot
Alt + Shift + Click = FlashGot No : If this option is enabled, the key combination Alt + Shift + left click will cause the sending of the link directly into the Firefox download manager (thus bypassing FlashGot)

Menu tab :
This menu allows you to add options to the context menu of FlashGot. the shortcut menu is accessed by right clicking on a link or a web page. You can add the following functions:

Download with FlashGot : You can download a file.
Download with FlashGot Selection : To begin the download of selected links (example: Selecting part of web page using the mouse).
Download everything with FlashGot : You can start downloading all the links on a web page.
Download with FlashGot Tabs : Lets you start to download all links to pages located in the open tabs in Firefox.
Build a gallery : Create lists of links.
FlashGot Options : Provides access to FlashGot options.
Hide OFF command : Allows you to hide the menus FlashGot options that were not activated.
Hide icons : Allows you to hide icons in menus.
Compact context menu (a sub-menu if needed) : Used to group functions by category to limit the size of the available options in the menu.

Downloads tab :
Start downloads automatically.
Intercept all downloads : Lets leave FlashGot manage all your downloads in place of the download manager in Firefox.
Extensions : Used to leave FlashGot manage files whose extensions are specified in the list displays on this tab.
Apply the filter file extension to group as downloads (untested)

Privacy tab :

Lets you set how FlashGot will pass along some information . In fact, when you click a web link, the website where the link receives information known reference (Referer English). This reference is the address of the web page behind the link. For privacy issues, some people do not want this information to be revealed. It is therefore possible to disable the referrer.
We must nevertheless note that the reference may be useful or even necessary in some cases. Its existence may be required for a web site agrees to let you download a file. In addition, the referrers are required to compile statistics for webmasters to access a website. It is therefore advisable to disable them. Disabling them, you may not be able to access some files.

Automatically send the above URL : Used to allow websites to see what web page since you arrived on their site (reference)
Always use this URL : Allows you to change the reference to not present the true reference (not recommended).
Send cookies : Authorizes the use of cookies
HTTP Authentication : Not tested

Advanced tab :

Temporary folder : Sets the location of the temporary folder to be used by FlashGot. If you want to change the location of this temporary directory, click Browse.
Autodiscovery download manager : Check this box if you want FlashGot automatically detects what download manager you use. You can repeat detection by clicking detect now.
Journal : FlashGot can keep the list of downloaded files. To view this list, click Show log . To restore the log to zero, click Clear Log . To keep no track of downloaded files, click Disable.

Using FlashGot :

Using FlashGot is relatively simple, you can (optional):
Use contextual menus offered by the extension . To use, simply right-click the item you want to manage with FlashGot (Link, a web page)
Start the extension by clicking on its icon directly in the shortcut bar . If not available in your shortcut bar, you can add it very simply by referring to this page: How to customize the toolbar in Firefox?

Download a link using the context menu :

Right click on the link you want to download and select Download with FlashGot.
The link you selected is copied directly into your download manager. Depending on the software you use, your file will run automatically or require your confirmation.

Download all the links in a web page using the context menu :

You can start downloading all the links in a web page. To do this, right click on the web page and select Download All with FlashGot.

The list of links on the webpage is displayed directly in your download manager. In the example below, you have added a filter at the extension *. exe, so the list returns only three links to download.

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