Tutorial: counter the famous "Piracy Hurts" in FolderEnhancer

March 2017

Tutorial: counter the famous "Piracy Hurts" in FolderEnhancer

By integrating a records system to IOS, Apple has filled a delay in Android OS and has both responded to a user's requirement. This feature allows to classify its applications is extremely useful but is limited. Fortunately the jailbreak community was there to rescue the iPhone users. FolderEnhancer , released a few months ago, greatly improves the management of files on your SpringBoard (opening files faster, manage multiple pages in one folder, management of sub-folders, ...). I offer here a tutorial that will allow you to use FoderEnhancer while avoiding to take the pop-up "Piracy Hurts "Which requires the iPhone to reboot in Safe Mode until you have not purchased the app or you will not be deleted.

The approach is as follows:
1. If you have already FolderEnhancer installed, uninstall it via Cydia
2. Delete / var / mobile / Library / Preferences / jp.ashikase.folderenhancer.plist (with iFunBox example)
3. Install manually version 1.1.1-1,
4. Uninstall it via Cydia
5. Install the latest version of FolderEnhancer through the repo in Cydia Xsellize ( http://cydia.xsellize.com )
If you strictly follow the procedure, this should normally work.
This technique worked for me (iPhone 4 / iOS 4.1), after multiple reboots / respring, updates cydia sources etc ... the window of death never came. She also worked for others, thank you give us your feedback.


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