Router configuration for Skype

September 2017

Router configuration for Skype

So it is quite likely that you have nothing to configure your router for Skype works.
Why? Because Skype will use port 80 (HTTP port =) and 443 (= HTTPS port) . It is therefore quite possible that your router has already in-house rules for these two ports there .
1) -> You'll need to first check if Skype works without any rules in the router.
If Skype does not work, then you must establish the following rules:
2) -> Set the following rules:
-> TCP to port 80
-> TCP to port 443
    • WARNING: Failure to set these ports in this manner will cause the fact that they will be visible as "open" by remote computers, possibly malicious.

Finally, there is a way to potentially improve the quality of conversations on Skype:

3) -> Set the following rule: TCP & UDP port specified by Skype (in " Tools "->" Options "->" Connection ")
WARNING: Same as previously, the port will appear as open. Remember that this rule is not compulsory because it leads to a possible improvement in the quality of conversations ...


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