Panda Security - - fixing the TPSrv.exe bug

December 2016

The TPSrv.exe process is a Panda Security software process that protects the computer from viruses, spywares and other potential threats. If the TPSrv.exe throws a run time error, it could be due to improper termination of the process. In some cases, it has been observed that the TPSrv.exe process consumes 100 percent of the CPU making the system very slow. Accessing the internet in the slowed PC could become virtually impossible. To fix the TPSrv.exe bug, the PC has to be rebooted in safe mode and the contents of the Data folder in the installation directory of Panda Global Protection 2011 application software have to be deleted.


When you start your computer this window appears:

Your PC is slow and you are unable to access the internet.


  • Restart your machine in Safe Mode.
  • Go to the following directory:

C: \ Program Files \ Panda Security \ Panda Global Protection 2011 \ Data
  • Delete the contents of the Data folder.
  • Restart your machine in normal mode. The problem should now be resolved.

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