xvidcore.dll not found

October 2017

While, trying to open or play a video, a message may pop up: Error: xvidcore.dll not found. This error message is very annoying but this multimedia issue can be solved easily. The xvidcore.dll file has to be downloaded from a reliable link source. Once the path for the downloaded file is chosen for storing after saving, the file must be extracted. The PC has to be restarted to solve this quirky problem. This process is likely to stop videos from getting interrupted by the Error: xvidcore.dll not found notification.


When trying to play a video, the following message appears:
xvidcore.dll not found


To solve this problem:
  • Click Save and save the file in the folder:
  • Once downloaded, extract the file and restart your PC
  • The file below should now be in your system 32 folder
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