XSL-FO - How to read a file .FO/.FOB?

December 2016


The XSL-FO is a format for page description, just like PDF or DVI and it usually having extension .fo/.fob and or .xml

(You can open them with a text editor such as notepad, with <for: root displayed alongin the first few lines).

Solution 1

  • Download Apache FOP: http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/
  • (Note: Java should be installed on your PC).
  • Type:
    fop-fo-document.fo awt
  • It will open a window to view the document

Solution 2

  • This file can be converted to PDF format.
  • To convert the file XLS-FO to PDF, type:
    fop-fo-pdf document.fo document.pdf
  • This will enable reading in pdf format.

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