Excel - Import CSV: bad alignment of dates

December 2016

When opening a CSV file with Excel containing a column of dates and they are not well aligned.
It may be that your problem is more serious than you think.
  • Take one example in the following CSV file:

  • Now open it with Excel and look at the result:

  • Dates are well aligned,except for one that is left. But what did it really happen?
  • Indeed, the problem goes further: the dates have been changed. 02/07/2005 which was turned into 07/02/2005, except for the date line to the left.
  • In fact, when you export dates under CSV format, Excel expects you to provide it under following format: mm/dd/yyyy.

So if you want to have dates aligned and consistent especially, think about your layout dates in your CSV file.
The file should be:

07/02/2005, x1 
07/04/2005, x2  
07/17/2005, x3  
07/01/2005, x4

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