Freemind - Some tips to create your mindmap

December 2016

Here are some tips for FreeMind users for greater efficiency through daily use of the program:
  • Always open: Always leave FreeMind open.
  • Close the items/branches that are not related current context. Only keep branches that are likely to be useful, right now. (Too much information kills information.) Do not hesitate to open/close branches in order to have a view that corresponds to your current task.
  • Any new idea or thing to do must immediately be noted (press the Insert key once and type your text: No matter where you type the text you can move it later.).
  • Keep it short: Ideally, one word per sheet of your tree. Long texts should only be placed in the terminal leaves.
  • Rearrange/sort items: Move the information where it should be, rearrange them.
  • Highlight: Use visual cues: fonts, colors, icons, cloud.
  • Review the open branches several times a day and over again.
  • Regularly update the information
    • Highlight the information deemed as importan
    • Delete the obsolete ones
    • Every week, review your entire mind-map
    • Make backup copies of your mindmap

All this information may seem cumbersome, but if you do not apply these rules, your mindmap may become obsolete.

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