Sims 2 - PS2 cheat codes

December 2016

Here's a couple of cheat codes for Sims 2 on the PS2 console:

Press on the Start button and perform one of these manipulations:
  • Bring up the prism (required)
    • [L1] [R1], [Up], [Cross], [R2]
    • The lens appears on the pavement outside your house. Select it with [Cross] and enter the following codes:
  • Simoleons
    • [R1] [L1], [R2], [Right] [Left]
  • Needs fullfilled
    • [Top] [Round], [Up], [Right], [L2]
  • Skills
    • [Triangle], [Circle], [Square], [R2], [Left]
  • Advance time by 6 hours
    • [Round] [Square], [L1], [Up] [Down]
  • Unlock all objects
    • [L2], [Circle], [Down] [Left] [Up]
  • Unlock all recipes
    • [R2], [Square], [Up] [Down], [Right], [Cross]
  • Unlock all fields
    • [Round], [L2], [Left], [Circle], [Up], [Round]
  • Unlock all clothes
    • [Square], [R2], [Down], [Right], [Square]

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