How to detect your public IP address

September 2016

Internet Protocol address or IP Address as it is commonly known, refers to a unique numeric identification number assigned to any device which is connected over a network or an internet connection. Two types of IP Address are commonly known - Private IP and Public IP Address. The latter refers to those addresses that exclude IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The easiest way to find out an IP Address is to use ipconfig application under Windows OS. It is also known as ifconfig under Linux. One can also use certain websites to find out the address.

How to detect your public IP address

The ipconfig for Windows, also known as ifconfig under Linux, displays your IP address.

However with a NAT router, this will not necessarily correspond to your public IP address.

Below is a list of web pages providing your public IP address:

You can also find out your IP address using your router. Under livebox, simply go to: which will identify your IP address.

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