Windows - How to check the version of DirectX installed?

December 2016

In order to enhance the performance of a computer, especially the audio and the video for certain applications such as high-end PC games, DirectX is required. DirectX comes as a part of the operating system and it is easy to determine the version of DirectX is which is installed on Windows. One simple command will provide all the information related to the installed version of DirectX. Run the command on the command line to determine the version of the DirectX which is installed on Windows. If the OS is Windows Vista, the latest Directx10 for Vista should be installed, for better audio- video performance while playing games.

What is DirectX?

DirectX is a set of drivers providing many functions. Its main aim is to share features of different drivers by providing a single interface for developers, including video games.

It represents an interface between drivers and programs that use it.

The drivers included in DirectX can be classified in categories:
  • Direct3D: 3D Graphics accelerator
  • DirectDraw: 2D graphics accelerator (vector drawings)
  • DirectVideo: video accelerator
  • DirectSound: soundcards
  • DirectInput: game controllers (joystick, joypad etc.)
  • DirectPlay: data management over networks (for network play)

With each new version of DirectX, new drivers and features are added.

To find out what version of DirectX is installed on your system:
  • Click on Start, then Run and type the following command:
    • dxdiag 

  • Compare the code with the version of DirectX listed below:

Download DirectX 11

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