Hoaxes and scams

October 2017


Hoaxes are false emails being distributed as widely as possible to fool the largest number of Internet users, who believe they are helping others or serve a good cause. Unlike viruses, hoaxes don't represent a software threat your PC. But instead may affect the novice user in other ways:
  • The loss of credibility of crucial information sent by mail.
  • The flooding of mail boxes.
  • Considered as Spam (useless traffic)
  • Damage the reputation of a person, corporation, association

How to fight against hoaxes

It is easy enough to fight against this type of threats:
When you receive an email asking to be widely distributed, you can check if it is an hoax, via:

Make a search, based on the content of mail (a significant part of the mail, the name of a person, company or association). If the mail appears in the search results as a hoax, delete it from your inbox.

Example of a Hoax

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