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Make a portable application with ThinApp

May 2016

It is now possible to make a portable application with ThinApp. so that it can be accessed on any platform. ThinApp is a software developed by VMWare that can be used for creating portable applications. It uses the concepts of application virtualisation and the principles of sandboxing to make an application run on any platform. It is not complicated to make a portable application with ThinApp but it is important to start with a clean computer and follow the instructions carefully. Once done, the application can be used on a portable storage device and can be accessed from any system without compromising the data.


ThinApp is a program that can be used to make some applications portable for the user. But you should do this only with applications that have not already been installed on your computer.
  • Below are instructions for using ThinApp
  • ThinApp is supported on Windows Seven since version 4.0.4

How to proceed

  • Select "All Programs" from the Start menu and choose VMWARE before double clicking the "ThinApp Setup Capture" shortcut.

  • When the ThinApp Setup Capture window pops up, click "Next"

  • Close all applications that might affect ThinApp's performance as well as the application that you want to make portable
  • Click Next

  • The application will scan for the files required and may take some time. Do not touch anything while this process is going on. It will let you know automatically when done

  • When it has finished, minimize the ThinApp window as indicated on the screen

  • If the application requires the serial number in order to run, enter it to validate the software. Do not forget to configure the software before proceeding to the next step

  • When the installation is done maximize the ThinApp window and click on Next to analyze your system again


  • The analysis of the system will determine which folders and files are needed for the installation of the software to be able to create a portable version of it
  • When the user-accessible entry points window pops up, check the software that needs to be made portable and when this is done, click Next

  • You can now choose the flash disk device where you want the application to run and click Next when done

  • Leave the Merged Isolation mode checked and click Next

  • Choose the Fast Compression option to get the maximum space that will be required on the flash disk. Click Next

  • The folders that will be needed by the application will be put in the same directory

  • Once that process has finished, click Build Now

  • Choose the Browse Project option to get hold of the folder made specially for the portable software.

  • Browse for and open the Bin folder

  • Finally, copy the executable application to your flash disk

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