Excel - Modify a string of characters

December 2016


I have a table with a list of codes and I want to insert dash between letters and numbers:
  • AA-978-BZ instead of AA978BZ.


If code is in A1:
  • In B1:
    • =LEFT(A1,2)&"-"&LEFT(RIGHT(A1,NBCAR(A1)-2),NBCAR(A1)-4)&"-"&RIGHT(A1,2) 
  • For a variable ranging from 3 to 4-digit numeric field.
  • Simpler if we assume that it is a 3 digit value:
    • =LEFT(A1,2)&"-"&LEFT(RIGHT(A1,NBCAR(A1)-2),3)&"-"&RIGHT(A1,2) 

Thanks to Vaucluse for this tip.

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