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Connect an iPhone/iPod touch to a Livebox (Wi-Fi)

May 2016

The iPhone or iPod can be connected to a LiveBox Wi-Fi in a few quick and easy steps. Before connecting the iPhone or iPod to a LiveBox, it is necessary to configure the Wi-Fi settings of the iPod or iPhone. The wireless networks in the vicinity can be searched from the iPhone and the desired network can be chosen to connect the iPhone or iPod to. The pairing mode of the Livebox has to be configured by pressing the button on the LiveBox. Once the LiveBox is in pairing mode, the user will need to select the join option on the iPhone or iPad to proceed with the connection.


Here are the steps that are required to connect your iPod/iPhone to a LiveBox (Wi-Fi).

Configuring the iPod/iPhone

  • Go to Settings
  • Select WiFi
  • Move the little slider and the Confirm Access cursor to the right
  • Select the small blue arrow (network) and select "Forget this network"
  • Return to the main menu, choose Settings, then Wi-Fi and wait for the iPod to Search all Wi-Fi networks. Click on the name of your network (not the blue arrow but the name of your network).
  • The iPod then asks for a password. This password is the WEP key of the Livebox (it is located below it).
  • Enter the WEP key taking into account upper and lowercases (press the arrow below the Q with each letter you write) AND WITHOUT SPACES...
  • Do not "Join" immediately as you must first put the Livebox in pairing mode.

Configure the pairing mode of the Livebox

  • Press BUTTON 1 of your Livebox to put it into pairing mode. The Livebox Wi-Fi LED flashes: now you can select "Join" on the iPod.
  • Wait a few moments for you iPod to connect: now you can surf the Internet.

Setting the Livebox into pairing mode only needs to be done once.

Thanks to Smart91 for this tip.

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