Why not to hack an MSN account

September 2016

As the internet develops technologically, cybercrimes are also increasing. Not all sites are suspected in terms of hacking into users' MSN Messenger. But there are some dangerous websites out there, and criminals who make hacking their profession. If a user wants to crack another person's MSN account and visits a site offering this service, they often have to provide their own personal details. Their MSN password can be easily detected and then be used as part of cybercrimes. Individuals can chat with friends and relatives for long periods over MSN messenger, but sharing your MSN password can have serious consequences. This will only aid criminals in using the MSN account and hacking the user's MSN password.

Hacking an MSN account

This article lets us know why it is a bad idea to crack an MSN account. It also warns us about the sites which provoke users to do so.
It brings to our attention how some sites nowadays ask users to provide information of the account they want to be hacked, along with the personal data of the user who wants to hack it. The consequences of this can be dire as the account that will eventually be hacked belongs to the user who originally wanted to do the hacking in the first place, and has therefore provided the site with all their information.

By sharing your username and password, you will provide these sites with material to hack into your own account and jeopardise contacts in your MSN list. Websites that request your account password for any particular reason (except upon registration of a new account) cannot be trusted.
Programs that can decrypt or crack passwords are also on offer, but you will most likely end up with more Trojans and spywares than cracked passwords.
You should also be aware that hacking someone's account is considered a cybercrime and you can end up in jail or face huge penalties.

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