How to change or recover your Live Account password

September 2017

This article focuses on recovering a Windows Live Messenger password and the way this can be achieved. It reveals the methods user can use to change or recover a lost or forgotten password on Windows Live Messenger. Changing a password can be done in just a few steps, whereas recovering the password can be done by choosing a secret question when signing up. It can also be done by downloading MSN Messenger Password Recovery. The link to the location is included in the article. Regularly changing your MSN account password is important in order to prevent other people from trying to decrypt it, particularly when you use public or shared computers. You should keep a record of your passwords in an external folder in case you forget it. If this does occur, there are other ways to recover your password which are explained in this article.

1. Changing your password (Windows Live Messenger)

To change your password, you must sign in to your email account.
  • 1. Sign in to Windows Live Messenger and open your email account (the envelope icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen)
  • 2. Once your mailbox accounts is open, from the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select Options.
  • 3. Under Manage your account, select "View and edit your personal information".
  • 4. Your personal information should now be displayed, as well as a section labeled "Password reset information". Click on "Change" next to "Password: *******"
  • 5. Another window will pop up prompting you to enter your current password and type in your new one. Rthe new password for confirmation.
  • 6. If you want to change your password regularly, tick the box labeled "Make my password expire every 72 days"
  • 7. Finish by clicking "Save".

Note: Don't forget to store your password in a safe folder

2. Password recovery

If you have forgotten your Messenger password, there are three ways to recover it.

Secret question

When signing up for your account, you were asked to choose a secret question from a list and provide an answer. You might use this option to recover your password by selecting "Forgot your password?" down the screen before signing in. This will open a new browser window and you will be directed to this link:
  • 1. Enter your account name (e.g.
  • 2. Enter the characters displayed in the required field.
  • 3. Click "Continue".
  • 4. When asked to choose the option for resetting your password, select "Use my location information and secret answer to verify my identity".
  • 5. Choose your location from the list (it should correspond to the location you typed upon the creation of your account). Enter your secret answer in the required field. Click "Continue".

Send password reset instructions to your alternative email address

If you do not remember the answer to the secret question, you may also try to send the password reset instruction to the alternative email address entered upon account creation.

Note: You should know the substitute email address that has been suggested upon registration of your account.
  • 1. Choose "Send password reset instructions to me in email".
  • 2. Select "Alternate email address". Click continue.
  • 3. "Password reset instructions were sent to your alternate email address.

If you don't see the email message in your inbox, look for the mail in your junk mail folder or check your email again later
." will display on your screen.
  • 4. You should now check your email to get the reset instructions.
  • 5. Copy the provided link in a new browser to confirm the request. It might take a few minutes to process the information.
  • 6. Enter the good information in the required fields to confirm your identity and reset your new password.

Download MSN Messenger password recovery program

This program will recover your password by decrypting it. It is only compatible with MSN messenger, Windows Live Messenger 8 can find the Windows Messenger passwords that have been saved on your system.

Note: This software will only work if you have checked "Remember me" and "Remember my password" when signing to Messenger.

Download Link:

When the download is complete, simply run the program and click "Recover Password!"


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