iPhone IOS 5 - How to delete a contact

August 2016

The new iPhone OS allows users to delete or modify contacts from their iPhone through iTunes. iTunes is used to connect the iPhone to the PC for data transfer and other activities such as syncing, song downloads, etc. Before deleting or modifying iPhone contacts, the mobile telephony device has to be synchronized with the iTunes software in the PC. Any modification in the contacts list can only take effect once the synchronization has been completed. iTunes also provides the advantage of a quick and less error prone method of editing and saving the modified contacts information.


How does one delete or modify a contact with the new iPhone OS?


  • Open iTunes and connect your Phone
  • Click on contacts, then select synchronize contacts.
  • Once synched, go to contacts and the "+" sign will appear allowing you to edit them.

Thanks to Nicohp for this tip.

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