Excel - Combining values using IF/Then search

December 2016


I am trying to combine two worksheets that have some similar data points but not all.
  • Sheet 1 has columns: Name, Age, Class
  • Sheet 2 has columns: Name, DOB

Note that: There may be >1 rows in Sheet 1 but only 1 row sheet 2 with the same Name (aka: multiple classes for same Name, but only 1 DOB entry)
I am looking for a way to combine all the values from sheet 1 and sheet 2 together so each row in sheet 1 has all the data on it.

Basically I'm looking for a way to parse through column A on sheet 2 and if there is a match, copy the value from Column B on sheet 2 to Column D on Sheet1.


REMEMBER the sheet 1 and 2 are interconnected regarding age and DOB.

sample data sheet1 

Name	 Age	 Class 
a	7	2 
s	6	1 
d	10	3 
f	5	1 
d	10	3 
s	6	1 
a	7	2 
w	8	3 
r	9	6 
t	10	8 

sheet 2 

name	dob 
a	12-Oct-04 
s	8-May-05 
d	12-Jul-01 
f	11-Jun-06 

in sheet1 D2 copy this formula 
copy D2 down 

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