Creating database under Ingres

September 2017

Creating database under Ingres


Ingres is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that is based upon a research project from the University of California at Berkeley . There are two different versions of Ingres available: a public domain version, known as Ingres or Berkeley Ingres; and a commercial version currently marketed by Computer Associates, mostly known as OpenIngres,or Ingres II.

The easiest way to create a database ingres is to use the command line createdb

The syntax is as follows:
createdb mydatabase

Here it will use the default locations (II_DATABASE, II_WORK, II_CHECKPOINT, II_DUMP and II_JOURNAL).

Command option:

-dlocate:To specify the location type DATA
-wlocation:To specify the location type WORK
-clocation:To specify the location type CHECKPOINT
-blocatÄf:To specify the location type DUMP
-jlocation:To specify the location type JOURNAL

Example createdb

$ Createdb mydatabase
Creating database 'mydatabase. . .

Creating DBMS System Catalogs. . .
Modifying DBMS System Catalogs. . .
Creating Standard Catalog Interface. . .
Creating Front-end System Catalogs. . .

Creation of database 'mydatabase' completed successfully.

After specifying all rights, the following processes are effected:-

In the iidbdb (for Ingres installation of DataBase DataBase), the necessary information are compiled).

For the location type data, it adds a directory same as the database name where the file aaaaaaaa.cnf(configuration file) is placed.

Many files are created as system tables prior the options put forward (the createdb create catalogs for individuals OpenRoad - IDE graphic object Ingres - or ABF, or Star - federated databases - etc.)

You can detect where you are physically located by the infodb mydatabase

================== Wed Mar 14 22:21:38 2007 Database Information =================

Database: (mydatabase, jp) ID: Default 0x45F865BA Collations default
Unicode enabled: No
Extents: 5 Last Table Id: 237
Config File Version Id: 0x00060001 Database Version Id: 8
Status: VALID

The Database is not Journaled.

Journals are not valid from any checkpoint.

---- Journal information -------------------------------------------- -------------
Checkpoint sequence: 0 Journal sequence: 0
Current journal block: 0 Journal block size: 16384
Initial journal size: 4 Target journal size: 512
Last Log Address Journaled: <0:0:0>
---- Dump information -------------------------------------------- ----------------
Checkpoint sequence: 0 Dump sequence: 0
Current dump block: 0 Dump block size: 16384
Initial dump size: 4 Target dump size: 512
Last Log Address Dumped: <0:0:0>
---- Checkpoint History for Journal ------------------------------------------ ----
Date Ckp_sequence First_jnl Last_jnl valid mode
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
---- Checkpoint History for Dump ------------------------------------------ -------
Date Ckp_sequence First_dmp Last_dmp valid mode
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
---- Cluster Journal History ------------------------------------------- ----------
Node ID Current Journal Current Block Last Log Address
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
Dump Cluster ---- History ------------------------------------------- ----------
Node ID Current Dump Current Block Last Log Address
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
Extent directory ---- -------------------------------------------- ----------------
Location Flags Physical_path
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------
ii_database ROOT, DATA D: \ Program Files \ Ingres \ Ingres [II] \ ingres \ data \ default \ mydatabase
JOURNAL ii_journal D: \ Program Files \ Ingres \ Ingres [II] \ ingres \ JNL \ default \ mydatabase
CHECKPOINT ii_checkpoint D: \ Program Files \ Ingres \ Ingres [II] \ ingres \ CKP \ default \ mydatabase
DUMP ii_dump D: \ Program Files \ Ingres \ Ingres [II] \ ingres \ dmp \ default \ mydatabase
WORK ii_work D: \ Program Files \ Ingres \ Ingres [II] \ ingres \ work \ default \ mydatabase

================================================== ==============================

The location ROOT, DATA also known as default location where all the tables will will be created (with location clause = (list of locations).


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