WGA - Windows Genuine Advantage

September 2016

Windows Genuine Advantage, or WGA as it is commonly known, is a Microsoft solution to fight piracy. While it doesn't affect users with valid Microsoft licences, WGA can wreak havoc for others by issuing pop-ups reminding users they are using the illegal Windows version. It also prevents users from carrying out any further updates in their system. Furthermore, WGA can act as spyware, collecting information from the user's machine and giving it to Microsoft. However, users have the freedom to remove WGA at their own risk by downloading 'Remove WGA' software, which automates the uninstallation without any hassle.

The article introduces WGA and the actions performed by it. In addition, it offers a solution on how to get rid of WGA. This article explains how WGA reminds the user the version of Microsoft they are using may be forged. It describes how WGA can fight piracy and provide security for Microsoft end but not for the user. WGA may use confidential information from the user's system, although this practice hasn't been confirmed. Therefore, Microsoft came up with a solution software-'Remove WGA'. This article provides the link to the software for users wanting to remove it.
A message says "WGA - You are a victim of counterfeiting?"

Definition of WGA

Microsoft has strengthened its policy to fight piracy. The new system goes through WGA, Windows Genuine Advantage.

However, the installation of WGA has been considered by Microsoft as a security update since June 2006. This installation provides security for Microsoft and not for the user.

WGA Actions

For those who have a legal Windows licence, it poses no problem. For others, the trouble begins when a message in a pop-up box reminds them that they are using a forged version of Windows. Illegal users are not allowed to make any more updates. In addition, WGA communicates with a Microsoft server at each system restart without the user's knowledge. Of course, Microsoft claims that WGA "does not collect any potential useful information to identify or contact a user". But how can we be sure? After all, WGA is spyware!

Microsoft Solution

Microsoft proposed a tool to remove WGA, for those keen to get rid of it.

See: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/921914

Software Solution Remove WGA

  • Software can also be used to remove WGA. Remove WGA automates uninstallation at the risk of the user:
  • Download Remove WGA: RemoveWGA

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