Excel - A macro to backup a specific sheet

October 2016


I need some little help tweaking a macro.
Here's my code:
Sub Sauvegarder() 
Set Source = Union(Range("M17"), Range("M23")) 
If Application.CountA(Source) < 2 Then 
MsgBox "Entrez un nom de client et une numero de facture pour valider la sauvegarde" 
Dim nom As String 
    nom = Range("M17") & "_fact" & Range("M23") & "_" & Day(Date) & "-" & Month(Date) & "-" & Year(Date) & ".xlsm" 
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & nom 
    rep = MsgBox("Votre base de données est sauvegardée sous le nom : " & nom, vbYes + vbInformation, "Copie sauvegarde classeur") 
If MsgBox("Voulez vous effacer les données ?", _ 
    vbYesNo, "Attention !") = vbYes Then Range("B3:B26,C3:C26,F3:F26,H3:H26,M17:P17,M19:P19,M21:P21,M23:P23,M25:P25,M27:P27,M29:P29,M30:P30,M31:P31,M32:P32,M33:P33").ClearContents 
End If 
End Sub

In this code I would like to backup only the "Invoice" sheet while maintaining the checks (and not the whole workbook).


- Copy the Invoice sheet to a new workbook,
- Save the new workbook,
- Close the workbook.
Dim Chemin As String 
Chemin = ActiveWorkbook.Path 
With ActiveWorkbook 
    .SaveAs Chemin & "\" & nom 
End With

Finally use this code.
ActiveWorkbook.SaveCopyAs ActiveWorkbook.Path & "\" & nom

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