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Blue screen - ATI2DVAG

May 2016

It is not uncommon to encounter the ATI2DVAG blue screen of death error while working with a computer. It may happen while launching an application or a game, when the computer crashes with a blue screen displaying the ATI2DVAG error message. One reason for the crash may be a problem with the device drivers of the hardware such as the graphics card which is installed. If the ATI2DVAG driver stopped working suddenly, the computer may crash with the ATI2DVAG blue screen of death error. If the problem has occurred because of an ATI2DVAG error, it can be fixed by updating the device drivers and by disabling fast write for Windows.


When launching a game, I receive an error message on a blue screen saying that Windows has detected an error caused by ATI2DVAG.

1. Update drivers

This problem is likely to be related to your graphics card driver. To troubleshoot, go to the manufacturer's site and download the latest drivers by clicking and selecting the driver version for your graphics card:

2. Disable fast write

If the problem persists, try the following:
  • Right click and select Properties
  • In the newly opened window, click the Settings tab and choose Advanced
  • Select SMARTGART and set the fast write option to "Off"
  • Click OK to confirm and restart Windows.

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