How to free up space on the system partition?

December 2016

How to free up space on the system partition?

Consider the following
  • Your hard drive has two partitions.
  • The first one is where the operating system is installed and the second one is for your data.
  • The system partition is almost full while the other on had still has a lot of free space.

Two solutions are available:
We will take a look at the second method!
=Moving the Documents folder==
To move the Document folder:
  • Right-click on the folder > Properties
  • Go to the "Location" tab.
  • Click on the Move button and indicate the new location for this folder.

Using the same method you can change the default location of the following Libraries:
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • ..etc

Moving the Favorites folder

To move the Favorites folder, you will first need the make some modifications in the registy.
  • Open the registry (Start > Run and type regedit).

Head to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE> Microsoft Windows > CurrentVersion> Explorer User Shell Folders
  • Double-click on Favorites and indicate the new path.

Messages from Outlook Express

Double-click on Tools > Options > Maintenance tab > file storage > Edit.

The swap file

  • Go to the Control Panel > System > Advanced tab. Then click on "Settings" under "Performance"
  • Go to the Advanced tab and click on Edit.
  • Check "No paging file" then click "Define".
  • Select the partition on which you want to put the swap file and check the "Size managed by the system" or "Custom size"
  • Finally, click "Set" to confirm the selection and then restart your PC.

Temporary files

  • Go to Control Panel> Internet Options> General tab> Browsing History. Click on Settings, move the file and indicate the new target.
  • Delete the obsolete files resulting from the removal of Windows updates.
  • These hidden files are located in C:\Windows and they begin with $NTUninstallKB.

Restore points

You can also remove old restore points using Disk Cleanup utility:
  • Open the Control Panel > System Tools> Disk Cleanup </bold>
  • Select a partition, then go to Extras tab and choose Clean restore points.
  • For more information about restore points: click on Managing Windows Restore Points


  • Ccleaner allows you to clean your system of temporary files, log files,...etc

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