Adding gaps between subtitles and video

December 2016

This probably already happened to have your subtitles staggered a few seconds from the video.
We'll see how easily solve this problem.

First, we must, of course have a video and its corresponding subtitles.
We will first download the software TimeAdjuster that we will resolve this discrepancy.
This software is available here : Time Adjuster
Run TimeAdjuser after downloading it then we will proceed:

Open a subtitle file

We will now open a subtitle file just click on FILE then OPEN
Browse for the subtitle file then press OPEN
A window will when appear then press OK
And then you will see the subtitle appear on the left side of your screen

Adding gaps

Right click within the scope of this subtitle file, and select "adjust time".
You choose if you want the text to be shifted earlier or later (in the "Text" is chosen to be "appear sooner" or "will appear later).

It only remains for us to choose how we want to shift the video, using the bar seconds, minutes and possibly hours (it indicates the time gap between the video and subtitles).

Click on "OK" and a progress bar appears in a dialog box as below.

Saving your new subtitle file

When the conversion finished, you click on the OK button of the dialog box.

Now you should have two subtitles files opened in the software: the left is the original and the new right, you just change.

There is a right click on the new subtitle file, ie the right, then SAVE AS and you were finished!

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