Online gaming with Hamachi

September 2017

Hamachi is an application allowing remote computers to create a virtual local network (VPN) as if they were located on the same physical network.

Download and install Hamachi

Configure Hamachi

  • Once you have installed Hamachi , you will need to create a user-name which will help others to locate you on the Hamachi network.
  • Click on the POWER ON/OFF button to activate Hamachi.

Connect to a network

  • To join a network, just type the network name and the password.

Create your own Network

  • Click on "Create a network". Just give it a name and set password.
  • From there you can communicate your network ID and password to the other players

Finding networks dedicated to gaming

  • There a are various website listing down the Hamachi networks dedicated to online gaming:
  • Just connect to one of these websites, search for the game of your choice and you will see a list of available networks.
  • Select the network of your choice and click on the Join button.
  • A .hamachi file will be downloaded (e.g [NetworksHamachiCOM].hamachi)
  • Double-click to add the new network to the Hamachi network list.


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