Word - Activate vertical selection

August 2016

As you may have noticed, under Microsoft word, when selecting part of a text document, the selection is made horizontally (click-hold right mouse button and drag along the text in an upward or downward direction).

As in our example below:

Still under Microsoft Word you can make use of "Vertical selection". This can be very handy when you need to copy paste, only the beginning/end of each of the lines of your document.
  • To activate it simply press simultaneously Shift+Ctrl+F8.
  • The cursor "|" will change from the default black color to a pale blue one.
  • From there simply position your cursor on the part of the text you wish to copy, click-hold the RMB and make your selection.

Note that:Press simultaneously Shift+Ctrl+F8 again, to revert to normal select.

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