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Testing Windows Seven (7)

February 2016

Testing Windows Seven (7)

Windows Seven Beta Introduction

Like everyone, I was a little puzzled to know that not seeking first to resolve the multiple problems of Windows Vista, Microsoft is already preparing the next generation operating system, namely Windows Seven. If you think about it a little, it seems to me that even before the final release of Vista are already talking about Windows Seven, as if Vista was doomed to be only the trial version of the new OS (Operating System).

So, when the BETA test of Seven made its appearance, I wanted to see how Microsoft wanted to break with the method GATES.
Method that had a policy seems to be to exploit financially and logistically through the end of an operating system. One example among others: Windows XP. Longevity: more than 7 years and still significant improvements over time. It seems that for Vista, this is different.

Indeed, just months after its release, already a big SP1 showed the tip of the nose are ... And soon SP2 that is languishing elsewhere.

So in good conscience, I wondered if Seven (well-named since it is the 7th desperate attempt to design a stable system, variations aside) finally give us what we want: the stability of the ease, power (maybe). Well ... it's apparently not too bad party.

Installation details

Support: DVD
Installation time: 25 minutes
Installation Step: 4 until desktop
Advantage: Fairly little step Design exciting.
Disadvantage: Still a bit complicated even the barbaric stage of partitions, partition of cache of 200 MB instead of 9Mb for Vista.

Getting Started

From Xp: attractive but confusing.
Starting from vista: A little easier and a little more innovative.

  • Fairly easy to use to begin with, the interface is reviewed but not too different (e.g: Paint)

  • More controls icon for notification
  • Quick Launch bar review, behaves like the Dock MacOs,
  • Always the same Start Menu shortcuts (Computer, Documents, Control Panel)
  • Menu improved.

  • Difficult to access at the advanced settings (on all versions of WinNT)
  • Too pop out to first boot (confusing gives the impression of urgency on the stability of the system),
  • Ergonomics effective if a bit too masculine (lack of roundness)
  • Problem Space Management Office of lack of interactive options.

Using the Internet

Again we note the persistence of Internet Explorer require the user despite its known vulnerabilities.
This requires the end user updates almost immediately downloadable ... Internet Explorer remains the shooting side browsers. But since Vista refine some better at the automatic settings of the router or the box (tuned, this Neufbox ,...).

  • Rapid development of the network and the Internet
  • Ease of access to network settings (already present in Vista).

  • Equal to Internet Explorer itself full of bugs and security vulnerabilities,
  • Still no firewall really works now
  • No antivirus worthy of the name,
  • No anti-spyware available now
  • Alexa (Spy Internet Explorer) is still rife.

Windows Seven

Despite some more about the basic settings, another 45 are settled in and started automatically, which is not a test of speed, on the contrary, they are the cause of multiple faults of Vista, even if the hidden partition plays its role fairly well and gives the system a bit faster than Vista.
The group policy does not always the same hierarchical system (Super Admin, Admin, user, replicator ...). Innovation should be here in my opinion.

Question Game, Seven has DirectX 11 brings a slight improvement in terms of dynamic lighting and framerate, but have not tested many games impossible to say whether it applies to games less recent Crysis or GTA4. And thank you to webernard, whose test Crysis noted significant improvements in dynamic lighting.

Coté Updated: unbelievable but there are a good package. So some updates to drivers, but security fixes are also present ... hope it is not only because Seven is in BETA version and the Vista nightmare is not repeated.

  • Always so nice and friendly,
  • Easy access to the non-scholar of computer science,
  • Successful automation (network, Internet)
  • Operational from the first mode,
  • Bit Locker and biometric tools reviewed
  • The integration of games full version seems to me ... to see when new bonus for the rich ...

  • Mal secure
  • Indexing always too pompous in terms of resources,
  • Too many unnecessary services in automatic mode,
  • Lack of information on the possibilities of customization,

Some of the Start Menu folder (Files System Tools and Maintenance, for example) should be merged for greater ease of access,
  • Access for persons with reduced powers is still not to the point at the first start (no sound, choice, etc..)
  • Bit Locker and biometric tools are too difficult to access.

Backward compatibility

I tested 6 software:

Tune up 2008: Runs but not on all options
MaxBlast: Runs on Seven but not boot live CD
Amsn: Runs
Nero 8.0: Runs
Firefox 3.0: Runs
Office 2007: Runs


At first startup, one or two more pop out would not be ineffective for example with the opportunity to choose a profile to use (media, software, games) that would be entitled to a reduction or increase in assets and, through session.
This would also have the advantage in part to resolve the problem of management of the RAM and virtual memory to a value still floating.

A concrete example:
If the use is typically Windows Media and the Internet could transform the session into a session purely Media Center.

A control bar should be more added in the style of Mac OS in order to differentiate the systems useful shortcut (My Documents, different hard drive, control panel) useful applications (WMP, Word, Internet Explorer, Mail). Perhaps incorporating the center of an area office launch. This would do away with the taskbar a bit old and worn.
The development of keyboard keys for access to simple adjustments should be made more in value (volume control, CD-ROMs ...).

The benchmark might start wanting more clear about the actual performance of the computer to find the good quality / usage of the computer.

If the user's choice is to use the computer for the office, reminds him of the strengths and weaknesses of your PC so that they can judge for its capabilities. Such applications could be effective in-store before you buy a PC ...

Replace the current support system into a true interactive training on Microsoft software (at least). The help system by keywords is too vague if the user does not know the problem or the actual wording of the question. A Flash animation in the Help section of the type if you want to watch this and do the same ...

The activation system may be automatic and not "clickable." The method is too easily circumvented. Some methods used by the games could be used by Windows Secure Disc example would start the installation of Seven as a CD or CD image validated by Windows (see GTA4), when purchasing a blank DVD could be numbered distributed to allow the user to make a valid backup in case of deterioration of the original DVD.



Well, considering the state of development of Windows Seven, we can already draw some information from the new marketing policy of Microsoft. Certainly it seems that it decided to implement ways to return to some fundamental, Seven is more or less light (more than Vista, but still less than XP). Seven is still pretty but is not too (and then the competition is fierce with Mac OS). Seven inspired more than competing systems (the icons in the notification bar to vaguely suggest Mandriva, the Quick Launch toolbar to dock in Mac OS). Finally Seven is still a BETA version, but when I remember the BETA Vista I realize that anyway ... There's better! Seven seems to run on a machine less equipped than Vista.

I invite you to form an opinion on your own to backup your current system and downloading the beta version of Seven until January 2010 is available for sale.
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