Creating a signature for (Outlook/Thunderbird)

October 2017

Messaging software such as Outlook and Thunderbird allow you to stick a signature to your messages. This small text, usually very short, give your recipients of information about you: (ex: business contact).

Create a signature under Microsoft Outook

In the Outlook email software, click:
Tools>Options. Select the tab "Mail Format"
At the bottom of this window is the option "Signatures": you can choose to place your signature in new messages, transfers and in the responses, or both categories.
Click on "signatures", then "new"
You can enter your text.

Create a signature under Thunderbird

Like Outlook, Thunderbird e-mail software allows you create a personal signature.

You need to open a text file using Notepad (Programs> Accessories> Notepad). Write the signature of your choice and save the file:

  • Open Thunderbird. Select Tools/Account Settings.
  • Select your mail account in the left pane (eg deri@
  • You should get "Put your signature in the middle of the window. Click on "choose."
  • Select the location of the text file you saved.
  • Created the next message, your signature will automatically appear.
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