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October 2017

Advancements in multimedia and web technology allow for free movie downloads - something which could not happen a few years ago. It is important to note that it is illegal to download free movies online unless copyright laws are not violated. There are only a few websites that provides downloadable movies or video without infringing copyright laws. Many other websites that offer free movie downloads may not be legal as they could be violating the copyright laws by not respecting certain agreements. Download free movies online from known websites which are legal and those which respect the copyright laws.

Due to copyright laws, it is considered illegal to download free movies online, without the author's agreement. Though many websites offer to provide you with free full length downloadable movies, you should bear in mind that both sharing and owing illegal copies of a copyrighted items are considered as a crime by the US law under the copyright infringement section.

The following links offer legal downloads of certain movies.

Popwatch Blog

Classic movies online free for download

Movie Archive

Classic full-length films, daily alternative news broadcasts, and videos of every genre uploaded by Archive users


Streaming video of TV shows and movies, primarily from NBC and FOX and their cable networks (only available in the US)
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