HP Computer - Code Purple error message

September 2017

I faced the problem of "Code Purple" error while changing my DVD writer. This solution requires that you remove your hard drive, but it's effective.
This issue mainly concerns HP computers running XP or Vista.
  • When restoring your PC to factory settings you may experience this problem called "Code Purple".

When installing the system, a file check if your configuration is identical to the original configuration.
This problem occurs because the hardware configuration has changed: if you change your drive, for example, and you do a factory restore, you will be blocked by the above message.

The solution?

We must make the system skip the hardware configuration check. To do this, you need:
  • A Live D so that you can explore the hard drive.
  • Or another computer.
    • An external hard drive case, suited to your HP hard drive (Sata, IDE 3.5, 2.5).
  • In case you have no external box, you have to mount the HP hard drive on the other computer.

Once the mounting is completed, browse the hard drive:
  • For XP, edit the file: X:\hp\bin\ConfigCheck\cfgchk.bat
  • For Vista, edit the file: X:\hp\bin\CheckDMI\CheckDMI.cmd
    • X is the drive in question.
  • Right click on the file and then "Edit" ...

At the line indicated, replace the 0 with 1. Save your changes. Replace the hard drive in the HP PC and let the system boot.

The error message should no longer appear!


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