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Windows - Shutdown / restart quickly

May 2016

Normal shutdown or restart of the Windows XP operating system takes a fairly long time especially if there are a lot of programs like the web browser, instant messaging, Explorer or documents open. It is possible to bypass multiple messages asking for confirmations and shutting down the computer instantly. This can be done by using the shutdown command with arguments -s-t 30. The shutdown command stops a local client and -s argument turns the computer off after a short 30-second wait of the operating system. Similarly, the shutdown -r-t 5 can be used for restarting the Windows XP computer quickly.


Shutting down or restarting Windows XP is quite a lengthy process. If you have a lot of programs running in the background (Firefox, MSN, Word or other small programs), try to shut down your PC, you will be prompted by a lot of warning messages..... "do you want to save your work or the current session....or program is still running, are you sure want to quit "...You will agree, these types of messages are a common sight with Windows XP.

Quick shutdown

Here below we shall discuss how to handle these constraints:
  • Right Click on an empty area on the desktop
  • Select "New", "Shortcut"
  • In the space provided "Enter the location of the item," type shutdown-s-t 30
  • Make sure you add a space!
  • Click "Next" and choose a name
  • Click "Finish"

You see with a new icon that lets you quickly turn off your computer!

shutdown-s-t 30
  • The shutdown command is used to stop a local client
  • The attribute:-s means that it will turn off the computer
  • The attribute: -t 30 means that Windows OS will wait 30 seconds before shutting down.
  • You change the time by changing the number after-t.

Quick restart

  • Right Click on an open space on the desktop
  • Select "New", "Shortcut"
  • In the "Enter the location of the item," type shutdown-r-t 5
  • Make sure to add a space!
  • Click "Next" and choose a name to describe
  • Click "Finish"
  • A new icon has been created that will restart your computer in a few seconds.
  • shutdown-r-t 5
    • The attribute: -r-means the pc will restart
    • Attribute: r-5 means that Windows OS will wait 5 seconds before restarting.
    • Change time by changing the number after-t.

Disable fast Shutdown

Make a right click on an open space on the desktop
  • Select "New", "Shortcut"
  • In the "Enter the location of the item, enter shutdown-a
  • Don't forget the space.
  • Click "Next" and choose a name for shortcut.
  • Click "Finish"
  • This method has a useful feature:

When you run the shortcut for fast shutdown, and you change your mind, just double-click on the icon.
Windows XP shutdown will be suspended and will resume its normal course.

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