Ubuntu - Delete a file without going through the Trash bin

December 2016

When you delete a file under Nautilus (the file browser of Ubuntu), it is moved to the Trash.
This is not always desirable, especially for large files.

Here's how to really delete the files:

Keyboard shortcut

  • Press the Shift key and select your file
  • While holding the Shift key, press the Delete key.

Nautilus context menu

  • Type in a terminal: gconftool-2 --type bool --set/apps/nautilus/preferences/enable_delete "1"

(You can also make this modification using the program gconf-editor)
  • You can now delete files directly (right click on the object and press Delete)

Note that

  • It is quite possible to use both methods.
  • You can delete a file directly from the command line by typing rm filename in a terminal.

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