What you should know before changing your ISP

October 2017

Thes procedures to change the ISP can sometimes be long and tedious. These tips should help you see more clearly ...

The contract termination with your current ISP

Know the conditions for termination of your contract with the current ISP. The termination is not always free and the cost of breaking the contract can vary depending on your operator. Similarly, procedures for termination vary: some offer online cancellation, others require you to return a form acknowledging receipt. In all cases you must return the equipment. Consult the Terms of Use for the conditions of termination of your ISP.

Your new ISP

You have chose your new provider, but note that, it may take some time for the latter to install your line and send the appropriate router. For some providers, the date of service may be long, very long.

It is also very important to make sure that the area where you are living is eligible for the services provided by the ISP

Take your precautions

Nobody is immune to a problem and an ISP is no longer immune from making mistakes. Keep copies of all correspondence with an ISP, accompany all your shipments with acknowledgment of receipt. Also keep your proof of mailings. In the event of a dispute with your ISP, you can prove your good faith.
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