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Gmail (Google mail)

May 2016


Gmail, the official mailbox for Google, is the acronym for Google Mail. Gmail is a free web mail services enabling its users to send and receive messages in its tailored approach. Gmail has been design to provide an innovate classification of features for locating and tracking messages easily. Gmail, compared to other web mail service offer a free capacity of 6900 MB of storage and provide as optional, an increase in capacity of storage as payable. Gmail attributed the best features of other web mail service in view to distinguish itself among the state of the art in this category. Among its extra features, Autosave is a system enabling you to recover your composition in case of browser crash or system error. Gmail allows you to send instant live messaging with its integration to Google talk. Instead of sending mail, if your contact is online, you can opt for sending instant and receive fast information or switch to voice calling. Another great efficiency of Gmail is its ability and high degrees to detect spam and virus. When virus is detected from attachment or in mail, antivirus automatically cleans the virus and enables you to read the content of the mail. You can choose to switch off the virus protection according to your tasks.


Other features of Gmail are listed below:-
  • New e-mail address automatically detected and saves to address book optional
  • Maximum size attachment up to 20 MB
  • Message labels for easy and quick depiction of group messages
  • Export contacts to CSV.
  • Security protection for IP addresses of Gmail users.
  • Multi-language supports (Above 50)
  • Compatible and accessible to mobile device

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