Basic Excel Formulas 2

March 2017

We saw the SI function

Function and is also interesting. Combined with SI, this gives:

= IF (AND (condition1; condition2 ;....... conditionZ) true false)
displays on the various conditions to be verified (eg B3> C2 .... B9 = C2, etc. ..).
if all conditions are met, the result is true, otherwise the result is false.

you can use these results as arguments for other forms or directly enter a value, eg
= IF (AND (B3 <100 B3> 200, C1 = "yes"); "value out of range ";"")
this formula:
- Verify that the value entered in B3 is between 100 and 200
- Verify that cell C1 contains the word yes
- Inscribed "Value out of range" if B3 is <100 or> 200 or leaves the cell blank ( "") if B3 is between 100 and 200.

Another example:
click Format / Conditional Formatting / The formula is:
= IF (AND (B3 <100 B3> 200, C1 = "yes"); true, false)
then click Format and choose the type of display (including color of the cell) when the conditions are true.


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