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August 2016


MySpace was first created in the year 2003 by Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, owned by Intermix Media.
It was bought in July 2005 by Rupert Murdoch, for a whopping $ 580 million, then launched in France in July 2006.

Eventually, MySpace has become a social network of reference for American teenagers: it allows them to create their own virtual space online and communicate, to discuss them and their tastes. In France, it is rather young adults who have taken possession.

Above all, it has become the social network music reference, since it is built around independent music and video. It has also, since its inception, to young groups emerging outside of the music majors.

Viewing and registration

All MySpace pages appear in the same way: on the left, the user profile, his reasons for registration, and especially its focus: music, books, videos, friends ... there have also the number of times your profile has been consulted, the functionality for the contact, including the "Add to my friends."

An MP3 player home, MySpace Music, can be included in the page and automatically play your favorite songs, from which you can build your playlist. You can also integrate your video clips from YouTube and MySpace Video. The site also has a messaging system which allows you to post his photos.

To the right of the page, displays the messages sent by friends, viewing their photos. Each MySpace user can also create a blog accessible from the page.

To open your profile, you must complete a registration form, then confirm your subscription by clicking on the hyperlink that you receive on your e-mail. Once voting open profile, the first friend that appears in your contacts is Tom, became emblematic character of MySpace.

MySpace, a social network music

MySpace is its proximity to the musical world: it has become a means to interact with their audiences for artists, and a means to gain notoriety for unknown artists. Pieces of these are easily accessible on their pages, and dates of concerts announced in advance. This leads them to become more professional, by creating a visual identity.

Moreover, the MySpace profiles of musicians are different from normal patterns: they can upload up to six titles in MP3 format, but must have the rights for broadcast.

Many groups have also proved through their MySpace page, where they put their songs online and clips, as the British group Arctic Monkeys or the group of french electro Justice.

In November 2006, the record company Universal has continued MySpace for copyright violations, while working with Myspace GraceNote, recognition software, music designed to prevent online Internet tracks which would not have the rights. However, piracy is low on Myspace, in proportion to the peer to peer. Evidence that Universal Music was hampered by the fact that MySpace is proving that it is now possible for a group of live music without signing with a label.

MySpace Music

Beginning in April 2008, three of the four major record companies, Universal Music, Sony BMG and Warner, have partnered to launch a MySpace site for music to download or listen to, called MySpace Music. They will provide their entire catalog.
The site, whose launch date is not yet known, will the music playback (streaming), all the securities being free with advertising. It will also download payant: the unit title, or for a monthly fee.

The site will also use functions of socialization, such as the ability to share playlists with friends, and view personal pages or blogs of artists. It will also include the sale of products such as concert tickets.

Practical tools for MySpace

Some developers have created their own solutions to add functionality to the MySpace pages. Here is a selection.
  • SnapLayOut: an editor (in English, but very visual), which allows easily customize your MySpace profile, change colors, add widgets.
  • SlideShare: to download a PowerPoint presentation or Open Office and share it online in an interface to YouTube.
  • Slide: hosting service photos and create a slideshow with cool effects to insert in your pages.
  • RockYou: another hosting service online to make slide shows with photos, music, video ...

Firefox plugin for MySpace: it allows you to add features to Firefox to allow you to manage your MySpace profile without having to open web pages.
  • OpenAdder: To manage the daily tasks on MySpace (add friends, accept friends, leave comments ...).
  • Graphical Kits: Zwatla proposed, they are free to download under Creative Commons license. To access, you must create a user account on the Forum Zwatla. They allow you to customize your particular screen or your site.

Windows Live Spaces

Windows Live Spaces, the platform of social networking and blogs of Microsoft, was launched in 2004 under the name MSN Live Spaces. It added to its instant messaging service Windows Live Messenger.

So you can share your network with direct (people included in your list of Windows Live, Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Mail), but also add and interact with contacts from your knowledge closer (friends of friends).

A search engine lets you find new friends, among other accessible from Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail. You can find and invite your contacts, or friends of your friends to join your network.

You will find yourself who can view your profile, your personal information and contact you.

Another feature, Windows Live Spaces offers the possibility for developers to create new applications called "Gadgets". Selected by Microsoft, they are hosted on Gadgets Gallery. Users can add these applications to their spaces.

There is also, since late 2007, sharing services, organized around the "Windows Live Profiles. The profiles now show the flow of news from his network of friends, modeled on the Facebook News Feed. Sharing services also enriched with a tool for managing events, or a virtual hard disk SkyDrive launched in February 2008.

Things to know

The application API Messenger allows you to view your presence in other social networks like Facebook.

Skyrock Blog

Launched in September 2002 by Telefun, Skyrock Blog, originally Skyblog is a platform that allows you to create and manage blogs for free. He quickly captured the teens, by his connection to the Skyrock radio, very popular with high school students, and its ease of use. It hosted more than 15 million blogs in April 2008.

In 2007, Skyblog opened abroad with versions translated into English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

It allows everyone to create a blog, after opening his account Skyrock, to customize the dress, and everyone can see his blog relayed on the platform of blogs and RSS feeds by permalien (link permanent) for each ticket.

Far from being a platform for creating and hosting blogs, its social network lies in its community features.

Thus, connections between users, with the number of contacts or comments received are publicly visible.

In June 2006, faced with the arrival of MySpace in France, Skyrock Blog has a list of friends, with a list of contacts to blogs, which allows to establish links between members.

He also launched Skyblog Music, modeled on Myspace Music. This tool allows bloggers to distribute their music, which competes with broadcast music Skyrock.


Facebook is social networking website that is managed and owned by Facebook, Inc, providing a free-access platform, where people can join networks organized by city, workplace and region to connect and interact with other people. They can also add friends and send messages, and update their personal profiles.The website currently has more than 200 million active users worldwide and it's a good way to keep in touch with your relationships.

Note that

Most of the social network have been banned in may workplace, to discourage employees from wasting time using these services.

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