Improve the Visibility of Social Network Publications

September 2016

Social networks are a great opportunity for companies to communicate with their end users. These networking sites allow enterprises to post articles and updates pertaining to products, services, and prospects, as well as interact with their consumers more personally.

However, due to the sheer volume of posts, there is a high risk that many messages may potentially get "lost." Luckily, most networks offer solutions to businesses who are looking to promote or highlight key information for their customers.

How To Improve Social Network Visibility

This article will introduce you to some solutions offered by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Viadeo that will allow your business to actively and successfully promote content.

Promote Your Facebook Status

Since June 2012, Facebook has allowed businesses to promote their statuses by paying a small fee to improve a post's visibility. This function is reserved for pages that have between 400 and 100,000 fans. Businesses can choose to promote any type of content, including statuses with or without links, videos, photos, and events.

By promoting a status, companies may improve the visibility of their post for up to 3 days after initial publication. Publications will benefit from increased visibility in user newsfeeds, decreasing the risk that the accompanying information will get "lost" among other publications.

When viewed by a follower, a promoted status will include a "sponsored" label next to the update, alerting fans that this post is particularly important to the business:

How To Promote a Facebook Status

The promotion of a status can be decided upon its publication, or within three days after publication.

To promote a status upon publication, simply click on the Promote option that appears next to your publishing options:

If you choose to promote your status after publication, simply click on the Promote option that appears at the bottom of your post:

Facebook Promotion Rates

Depending on the popularity of your page, and the time allocated to each promoted post, Facebook will propose different budgets that you can allocate to your publication. When deciding on your budget, we recommend using the built-in site and campaign statistics so that you may calculate the profitability margin for each post.

Facebook currently offers the following rates:

Number of people targeted -> Price in USD

$5 should be allocated to a post that reaches 1400 fans;

$10 should be allocated to a post that reaches 2500 fans;

$15 should be allocated to a post that reaches 3700 fans;

$20 should be allocated to a post that reaches 4900 fans;

$30 should be allocated to a post that reaches 7300 fans.

Sponsored Tweets

In July 2011, Twitter launched a service that enables companies to publish Sponsored Tweets. These tweets appear on the timeline of account followers, as well as in Twitter's search function (based on the keywords used in the tweet).

A sponsored tweet is accompanied by an orange icon with the associated company name for easy recognition by followers.

Twitter Sponsor Rates

Budgets for sponsored tweets are not set in advance. Twitter charges its users based on the number of engagements generated from a sponsored tweet (i.e. user retweets, user replies, number of clicks generated, etc.). This is what they call cost per engagement (CPE).

LinkedIn's Targeted Status Update

Sponsored posts on LinkedIn are called Targeted Status Update, and are specifically reserved for businesses. This free service offers companies to share their statuses in a more personalized way, allowing them the ability to selectively distribute their content to a particular audience.

Targeted Status Updates give businesses a variety of criteria to help them select the right target audience. This criteria includes the size of the company where someone works, the industry, the position held, level of experience, as well as geographical location. These filters are applied before a publication's status.

Advertising Solutions on Viadeo

Viadeo, the French professional social network, offers three solutions for businesses. These deals serve more of a commercial service, allowing businesses to customize the display, sponsored links, and top links of their posts.

In setting a custom display, companies can target their ads based on user profiles. Various advertising formats are available.

Sponsored links are displayed in the right column in the "Sponsored Posts" box with 5 links. The message may contain a picture, title, 94 characters (text) and a link to a campaign. The company will be billed on a cost-per-click basis.

Similar to sponsored links, rates for top links will depend on the number of clicks generated by an ad.

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