Excel - A formula to separate data

December 2016


I am trying to make a formula to determine how many days (minus weekends) it took to complet a project. The problem is that I have one employee Alan Bown (initials AB) who works Monday-Friday and a second employee Cristopher Duncan (initials are CD) who work Monday-Thursday. I know that the formula for "AB" would be:
  • SUM(INT((WEEKDAY(B1-{2,3,4,5,6})+C1-B1)/7))

and the formula for "CD" would be:
  • SUM(INT((WEEKDAY(B1-{2,3,4,5})+C1-B1)/7))

If the employee's initials are in cell A1, project start date is in cell B1 and project end date is in cell C1, I want to create a formula that says "if A1 = AB then use this formula, but if A1 = CD then use the other formula"


Try this
  • =IF(A1="AS",$B$1,IF(A1="BS",$B$2,IF(A1="GS",$B$3,IF(A1="HG",$B$4)))) 
    • Replace the "AS","BS","GS", "HG" with the initials of the employees.
    • Replace the $B$1, $B$2, $B$3, $B$4 with the formulas.

The IF formula is =IF(logic, [if true], [if false]), so I created a nested IF formula.

Thanks to ExcelJosh for this tip.

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