Amazon Glacier- A low cost data storage solution for professionals

September 2016

The storage and archiving of data online is definitely one of the most dynamic industries nowadays. The number of services offering safety and security solutions for user data are numerous. But even if most of the services offers same level of performance and services, there is a wide disparity in terms of the costs for the offers addressed to companies.

The market is segmented and some of the solution providers more specifically targetsmall and micro businesses. This is the case of Amazon, which launched last August, Amazon Glacier, a "low cost" storage facility .

Amazon Glacier offers a very low admission fee ($0.011 per GB stored on the European servers), but the fees increases rapidly depending on the options you want to take. For example. the processing of a query for the stored data or extraction of a file will cost $0.055 per thousand queries (or extracted files). The more the user performs query processing the higher the costs (Price for the 5% of total data stored - An extra fee of $ 0,011 for the extraction of any additional 1 GB). These additional costs may seem small but, when they stacks up, the total cost may rise incrementally.

Note that: the users can freely send as much data as he wants to the servers, in contrast to transfer data in the opposite direction they will be charged $0.12 per GB

Amazon Glacier is economically advantageous for companies who want to store data over the long term without the need to remove or process regularly. Otherwise beware of the hidden costs.

Discover Amazon Glacier.

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