Automate the management of Twitter and Facebook accounts

September 2016

Being active on Twitter and Facebook, everywhere and all at the same time, is now possible via various web applications called "automation tools". These tools allows you to scheduled the sharing tweets or Facebook status, connect the RSS feed of your blog/website to Twitter, or manage your social networks more effectively. Presentation of a selection of tools intended specifically for community managers, marketing and communication professionals, and web publishers who want to optimize their presence on social networks, while improving productivity.

What are the use of automation tools for social media?

Online automation services for Twitter and Facebook (but also for other social networks) are productivity tools for that may suit for different purposes, such as:
  • Schedule the sending of tweets and publishing of Facebook statuses .
  • Send direct messages to your followers.
  • Automatically retweet old publications from your blog.

Schedule publication of tweets/Facebook status

This automation process allows your:
  • Tweet or post Facebook status outside of working hours/periods of activity.
  • To spread tweets/Facebook status at regular intervals to avoid repetitive publications (flooding) and the risk of losing subscribers.
  • When working over different time zones, synchronize publications with standby time of your followers.
  • Recruit new followers by optimizing on their attendance

The social networks client

Seesmic, Hootsuite and Tweetdeck are dashboards that facilitates the management of social media accounts (management of multiple accounts via a sinlge interface), available in web or desktop versions.

Hootsuite is the most comprehensive of these tools.

Hootsuite allows you to manage the following social networks via a sinlge dashboard:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook (profiles and pages)
  • Linkedin and Viadeo
  • Google Plus (profiles and pages)
  • Foursquare
  • Myspace
  • Wordpress
  • Tumblr, YouTube, Flickr ...

Note: The free version only supports 5-social channel (social networks), but multiple accounts (e.g ability to manage multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts or more)
Actions and functionality available from the Hootsuite dashboard:
  • Sharing articles, links, photos, videos on one or more social networks simultaneously.
  • Privacy options for each shared publication (applicable to Linkedin, Facebook, and Google Plus)
  • Integrated social features: RT, direct messages, reply to,
  • Moderation: Delete comments from a page
  • Research, monitoring and sorting: setting favorite mini-posts, research and monitoring of keywords, create a list (on the same panel)
  • Organization of social feeds and tabbed columns (eg for Twitter, a column containing the RT, a column containing the tweets sent, etc.).
  • Programming a status with automatic programming suggestion (to get the maximum attention)
  • Statistical analysis reports (standard or customized).
  • Task Manager
  • Chat/collaborative module: initiate conversations by emails invitation, share publications on social networks, to comment, to encourage members to retweet information, etc..

Other online services and applications

  • This simple tool allows you to quickly create a list of tweets to send at preset dates and times.
  • This online tool allows you to schedule the sending of tweets and articles at preset dates and times, programmed publications appear in a list ("buffer") on which it is possible to intervene at any time.
    • Note: It is possible to program a publication directly from a URL visited from your mobile via the web interface.
    • service also includes its own URL shortener, and proposes a statistical analysis tool to measure the impact of your shared status/tweets.
  • This tool for comprehensive publication integrates with, and thus allows you to schedule the sending of tweets/articles on various platforms: including Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress and MySpace.
    • In addition:
    • It offers a translation tool.
    • It connects to a blog RSS feed, allowing the automatic sharing of new articles.
    • It can be managed in a collaborative mode.

Automatically share RSS feeds updates on Twitter is an online application that allows web publishers to automatically share on Facebook and Twitter, the content they publish on various sites, including their updates made to their RSS feeds. It also provides a real time statistical analysis tool.

Automation of networking features on Twitter

SocialOomph is a web application that allows, among other things:
  • To send an automatic message to all new followers.
  • Automate the tracking new subscribers.

Twitter: automate the sharing of contents from your blog

Tweet Old Post is a WordPress extension that automates sharing of articles published on a blog/website, on Tweeter.

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